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July 20, 2018

Although we’re all fully aware of the fact that the Earth makes a three hundred and sixty five day orbit around the sun – somehow it is still a pleasant surprise when Facebook reminds you of someone close to you’s birthday at 9AM sharp. What is slightly less pleasant, is perhaps scouring the shops for hours in a (sometimes frustrating) attempt to find the right gift. While parties involve gathering and celebration, they are also joyous occasions which permit us to demonstrate our gratitude for the people we have in our life – in the form of a gift. While picking the right gift is completely dependent on the person it is also influenced by our relationship with them and unfortunately our budget. Thanks to the development of the internet – we’re lucky enough to be able to shop online which is undoubtedly a more efficient means of shopping. However, a more efficient shopping method does not guarantee that you will walk away fully satisfied with your shopping expedition. This is for the simple reason that gift giving requires thought and a demonstration of sentiment. If you have friends or family who are gracious enough not to publish their hearts desires – gift giving can sometimes be an uphill battle.
But never fear, SHOPR Australia is here. Here are 5 tips that may help you be a better gift giver.

1. Memories.

The best gifts are undoubtedly the most memorable ones. I remember in grade nine when we gifted a good friend of mine with a bottle of tomato sauce (ketchup) – as a joke. Once, on a school outing she ordered a pie and tried to add a small amount of ketchup to taste however, the bottle had other ideas and generously exploded onto her plate much to her horror. The waitress couldn’t stop laughing and neither could the rest of us, as the boys teased her asking ” would you like a pie with that?”. More often than not, gifts are the best when they illicit some kind of sentiment or good memory. If you’re struggling to buy someone you love a good gift – sit down and think of a moment that was precious to you both, then think of a way to encapsulate that in a gift. Recently, I bought my best friend a Marge Simpson phone cover case for no other reason than the fact that it made me laugh. I knew she would appreciate the humor as well as having a phone cover – as she hadn’t had one in months which is a risky business when you have an iphone. I presented the gift to her at a lunch despite how much my parents tried to dissuade me from doing so because of the arbitrary nature of the present – she could not stop smiling which brings me to my second point.


2. Usefulness

As I move further on into adulthood, I finally understand my mothers joy and fascination with decor shops. I never could understand how someone would be thrilled at the thought of receiving a set of crystal champagne glasses until now. Why? Usefulness. There is no point in giving a gift that someone may never ever use. For example there would be no use in giving a girl like me a surfboard and while the example may not make sense – the analogy stands ; don’t give people surfboard gifts i.e. gifts that please you more than them. Surfboard gifts are gifts that are either completely useless (to the given person) or gifts that end up repackaged or upcycled (as my friend likes to call it) at Christmas. Good gifts – are useful gifts. Think about the things that you know that this person is in need of, for once what is practical is also enjoyable.

In high school, I had a very problematic second hand phone made worse by my incessant insistence on uploading all my music to the device. The battery wouldn’t last me until lunch time. For my sixteenth birthday, my best friend bought me an ipod – a probably obvious solution but one that was undeniably useful. I have probably never enjoyed one device as much in my life – and my phone’s battery? Well that lasted me much, much longer. Which brings me to my third point.

3. Longevity

Gifts that can move through life with you? Unmatched. No one gets sick of jewelry, photo frames and a great perfume (even if it is just to keep the bottle). Why? gifts that grow with you are truly the best kind – especially for children. When buying your gift consider how long the person can keep it for? Almost everyone’s dad has a mug that was made in nursery school with sloppy finger prints that not only holds the best intentions and perhaps pens on a desk now. I am of the firm belief that gifts don’t need to break the bank to be valuable. Which brings us to our fourth point.

4. Budget

It doesn’t matter. I mean of course it does – I’m a university student so I may understand that better than anyone. What I mean is that your budget doesn’t determine the worth of the gift – the sentiment and thought does. If you’ve read thus far in the article I have no doubt that you understand that, given the amount of effort you’re making at present. A great way to get a good gift within your budget is not only plan ahead of time but to keep your eyes peeled for sales. Yup, a sale is sometimes the saving grace you didn’t know you needed. The truth is your friend won’t know that you bought their gift two months ago and they won’t care either. Sales is an easy way to get more than you bargained for or get exactly what you wanted within your budget.


5. Experience

It is not only your experience of the person that will bring you to the right gift – sometimes the right gift is another experience to add to your memory reel. Buy them something that you can share in together. Sometimes that’s concert tickets, sometimes it’s trying out a restaurant that they’ve been dying to go to.

If you’re honestly and truly, still stuck on the right gift? Perhaps the right gift is letting them choose themselves with a voucher – and there’s no better place to begin than here on SHOPR.



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